Did you know that the first baseball batting gloves worn in an official game were, in fact, golf gloves?

In 1961, Ken Harrelson, an American baseball player, wore batting gloves to an official game for the first time. Although other players had worn gloves in practice matches, Harrelson is credited with doing so in an official game for the first time. Harrelson returned from a golf game with a blister on his hand that day. When the blister bothered him in the middle of the game, he took out his golf glove from his pocket and wore it. Since then, Baseball batting gloves have become part of the official baseball gear. 

Why are batting gloves a big deal in baseball? Here is why:

  1. Baseball gloves provide you with the grip necessary to hit a ball
  2. They protect you from injuries
  3. They keep you warm
  4. They prevent blisters 

Although the first baseball batting glove worn was to help with a blister, the foremost important function of a batting glove is not it. It is instead to provide a good grip of the bat to swing it. Without a batting glove, the bat will easily slip out of your hands on a forceful swing. 

The second most important function that a baseball batting glove provides is protection from injuries that can happen because of an impact with the ball and other types of Injuries.

Baseball batting gloves were initially made of leather. The modern ones, however, are mostly made of synthetic fibers like nylon. Nylon and other synthetic fiber-made gloves cost less than leather gloves. Leather is still used in most baseball batting gloves for a better grip and increased protection.

Moreover, baseball is played throughout the year in every weather condition. Sports fanatics hardly ever wait for temperature and weather to optimize. Under harsh weather conditions, baseball gloves keep your hands warm and regulate your body temperature. In cold weather, you cannot go on playing without a glove. This temperature regulation also occurs in warmer weather conditions. Most batting gloves have meshed parts that allow for breathability. Hence sweat is allowed to escape the glove, regulating the wearer's body temperature. 

Lastly, the function that accidentally introduced batting gloves into baseball blister protection and prevention. When you practice for an extended amount of time, which is what most players do, there is a high probability that you will end up with blisters on your hands. The friction between the bat's surface and your hands causes the skin on your palms to be damaged. Soon, fluid accommodates the damaged and sensitive skin area. These fluid-filled areas are called blisters. Further damage to the blisters causes pain and irritation and delays the skin's healing. Therefore, gloves help prevent these blisters and heal them faster by protecting them from further damage and injury. You may be wondering where you can get suitable batting gloves from. Forget good; we bring you excellent baseball batting gloves instead. 

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